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Refund and Returns Policy

Smooth Solutions – Our Refund & Returns Harmony

Encountered a Twist in Your Merch Tale?
If your Harry Styles merch doesn’t strike the perfect note, we’re here to fine-tune your experience. Should any discord arise with your order, don’t hesitate to conduct your concerns to us via email at [email protected] within 7 days of receipt, and our team will orchestrate the right resolution.

Missing Melodies?

In the rare event that your order gets lost in the mail, consider us your backup singers. We’ll promptly encore your items or conduct a full refund to your stage.

Return Symphony – Eligibility Opus

Your merch may take its final bow and return if it plays any of these off-key notes:
  • Blurry or off-center prints
  • Mismatched orders, in design or content
  • Delivery damage, like tears or stains
  • Incorrect size, color, or style versus your setlist
  • Other production errors on our part…
Capture the problem in a snapshot, email it with your order encore number, and we’ll orchestrate your refund or exchange when we verify the error.

Encore! How Refunds Play Out

Once we confirm your item’s eligibility for a refund, expect the financial applause back on your original payment stage within 5 business days.

Intermission – Where’s My Refund?

If the refund hasn’t taken the stage yet:
  • Double-check your bank account’s setlist.
  • Consult your credit card’s booking agent; it may take time before your refund headlines.
  • Chat with your bank’s front house. There’s usually a pre-show before a refund is performed.
Still no show? Our support band at [email protected] is ready to assist.

Exchanges – A Second Act

Our merch goes through a soundcheck before it hits the road, but if it arrives out of tune, snap a pic, and send it over with your order number. We’ll re-stage the correct item if it hits the wrong notes listed above.

Size Guide – Your Personal Merch Fit Chart

Please review our size chart before checkout. If we deliver your specified size, we can’t take the stage for size-related returns. But, if we slip up and send a size different from your ticket, we’ll follow our return overture.
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