Cherry X HS Sweatshirt Harry Festival Inspired -HSS1


Cherry X HS Sweatshirt Harry Festival Inspired -HSS1 $45.00

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Savor the symphony of style and comfort with our Harry Styles merch collection, where every Harry Styles sweatshirt is stitched with the spirit of devotion. These are not just garments; they are a canvas for expressing your passion for an artist whose music transcends the ordinary, whose lyrics resonate with the melody of our lives. For every fan who has found a piece of themselves in Harry’s songs, our sweatshirts are a way to keep that connection alive. As you don our Harry Styles merch, you wear a badge of honor, a bond that unites fans across the globe. These sweatshirts are a beacon of your dedication, a statement piece that says you’re more than a listener – you’re part of a story. Whether you’re lounging at home or singing along at a concert, a Harry Styles sweatshirt from our collection is your perfect companion. Make it yours today and let your support for Harry shine through.

Product information

Soft, durable, and imbued with the essence of Harry’s flair, this Harry Style sweatshirt is a must-have for any admirer looking to showcase their affection and keep their hero close to their heart. Crafted to be a staple of your wardrobe, our sweatshirts invite you to flaunt your fandom with pride.

Principal Attributes

  • Crafted from a dense-weight textile, our garments boast a substantial 8.0 oz/yd² (271.25 g/m²) fabric.
  • Enjoy the freedom of movement with a comfortably loose silhouette.
  • Accurate sizing ensures a reliable fit.
  • Composed of an equal blend of cotton and polyester for durability and softness.
  • Each piece features a securely sewn-in tag for easy identification.

Sizing Assortment

  • Comprehensive range from small (S) extending to 5XL.
  • Expect a consistent fit that aligns with standard sizing measures.

Maintenance Guidelines

  • Preserve the integrity of the fabric with cold-water washes at a threshold of 30C (90F).
  • Gentle ironing is advised to maintain the garment’s pristine condition.
  • Lay flat to dry to retain shape. We recommend against dry cleaning.
  • To maintain the vibrant color, steer clear of bleaching agents.


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