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Cancellation Policy

24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Hold On to Your Tickets, But You Can Let Go if You Must

In the symphony of online shopping, we understand that sometimes the tune doesn’t play out as expected. If you’ve orchestrated an order but need to change the melody, our 24-Hour Cancellation Policy allows you to drop the mic gracefully.

Act Fast: The Spotlight Awaits

From the moment you confirm your purchase, the clock starts ticking. You have 24 harmonious hours to hit the pause button. Decide to cancel within this time frame, and it’s smooth sailing – full refund, no strings attached.

Here’s How to Conduct Your Cancellation

Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Cancellation’ and your order number.
Strum out your reason for cancellation – though you’re under no obligation to do so.
Hit send within 24 hours of purchase, and consider your performance a wrap.
Post-24 Hours: The Encore
Missed the 24-hour mark? Your merch is already on a solo tour to you. At this stage, our hands are tied, and your order is set to be a hit at your doorstep.
Remember, this policy is in place to keep our logistics in harmony and your shopping experience as smooth as a Styles serenade.


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